Top 10 Comedy Youtubers In India

Comedy youtubers in india
In today’s article, we will see the Top 10 Comedy Youtubers in India

Today’s youth T.V. like to enjoy more than online entertainment like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. If you talk about online entertainment, then YouTube no. comes to 1. At present, there are some YouTubers whose videos we all wait for. Everybody knows and likes them.

1. Carry Minati

CarryMinati‘s real name is Ajay Nagar. The name of his famous YouTube channel is CarryMinati, which is one of the top comedy channels in today’s time. CarryMinati was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, Haryana and her age has been 21 years as of 2021. CarryMinati always loved playing football and video games. CarryMinati is a YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, and Gamer by profession.

When Carry was 11 years old, he made his 1st YouTube channel on which he used to upload videos of his football tricks. The name of this channel was STeaLThFeArzZ. CarryMinati created his 2nd YouTube channel in 2015 named Addicted A1. Used to play video games and do funny commentary on this channel. Along with this, he also used to mimic Bollywood actors like Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan on his channel. Later the name of this channel was changed to Carry Deol. After the BB Ki roast video, he changed the name of his channel to CarryMinati for the last time, along with this, Carry also started face camp, and in face camp, Carry mimicry and started making people laugh with different expressions. Today CarryMinati’s channel has 176 videos and 32.3M, subscribers.

2. Bhuvan Bam ( BB Ki Vines )

If you are fond of watching videos on YouTube then you must have known Bhuvan Bam. There will be some people who do not know the name of Bhuvan Bam. But you must have heard the name BB Ki Vines. BB Ki Vines is the famous YouTube channel of Bhuvan Bam.

Bhuvan was born on January 21, 1994, in a middle-class family in Delhi. He was known to entertain his friends with comedy from the very beginning. Once Bhuvan made a funny video from the front camera of his phone and uploaded it on YouTube by creating a channel named BB Ki Vines. There was no special response to that video but he did not stop continuously uploading 4 funny videos of the same type. One day a video of Bhuvan became viral in a university in Pakistan, due to which his identity started becoming known and people also started subscribing to his channel. Today as of 2021, 21M subscribers have been completed on the BB Ki Vines channel and there are 172 videos on the channel.

3. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana was born on September 7, 1994, in the village Joharipur in Delhi. His father’s name was Narendra Bhadana. Since childhood, Amit was better in his studies and he used to make everyone laugh and joke in class. Amit loved to make others laugh. Amit was studying low when the 1st year holidays started, he left with fun by Dubbing a video from his phone and uploading it to his Facebook ID.

After a few days when Amit came back on Facebook, he saw that he had very good comments on his video. Then at the behest of friends, Amit made some more videos. Amit created a page on Facebook and started posting videos, his border movie dubbing had more than 3M views. Once a friend advised Amit to make a vine. But Amit was hesitant to show his face in the video. After being encouraged by his friends, Amit started making vines. Amit chose his Gujarati language and started making videos.

After some time, when Amit had made a good image in the category of funny videos, then almost every video started getting more than millions of views. Similarly today in October 2021, Amit Bhadana’s channel has 23.5M subscribers and only 95 videos on the channel.

4. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani was born on December 7, 1993, in ULhashnagar, Mumbai. His father’s name is Anil Chanchlani and his mother’s name is Deepa Chanchlani. Ashish was very fond of films since childhood, he dreamed that he would grow up to become an actor.

Once when Ashish was mimicking the teacher of his class, when the other teacher saw him doing the mimicry, Ashish was encouraged by the teacher to do the mimicry. When Ashish was studying civil engineering, at that time he saw a 6-minute comedy vine on Facebook and after watching this comedy video, he laughed for a long time. But then he thought that he should also make such comedy videos, this time became the turning point of Ashish’s life because now Ashish also started making all the comedy videos.

Gradually started posting those videos on his social media account. Although he started with Instagram and Facebook, later due to a good response, he started uploading videos on YouTube in 2014 as well. Ashish Chanchlani is today the 4th individual YouTube creator in India and the first in Maharashtra to have a diamond play button. Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube channel has 26.5M subscribers as of October 2021.

5. JKK Entertainment

Shafeeq Natya Nickname is Chotu Dada. Everyone knows him by the name of Chhotu Dada more than his real name. Chhotu Dada is a YouTuber, Comedian, and Actor by profession. Today he works on many comedy YouTube channels in India. Chhotu Dada’s height is 4 feet and their weight is 38kg.

Once Chhotu Dada had gone to a party with his friends where Aasib was shooting Albela. Wasim Anjun was his cameraman, he already knew Chhotu Dada. Wasim Anjun introduced Chhotu Dada to Aasib Albela and then Aasib Albela Sahab also offered Chhotu Dada a small role in a scene. From there the journey of acting of Chhota Dada started. He became the younger grandfather of the people from Shafeeq Natya. Today, Chhotu Dada has a channel named JKK Entertainment on YouTube, which has 31.2 million subscribers and 174 videos.

6. Round2hell

There are three members of the Round2Hell team. Of these, Nazim Ahmed was born on 1 September and Wasim Ahmed was born on 12 July, and Zayn Saifi was born on 12 February. These three friends belong from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. But the school of the three friends was different.

The team member Nazim loved to play football, and the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel also came to Nazia first, he wanted to show his football skills in front of the world. So Nazim shared the video of football skills on both YouTube and Instagram on 20 September 2016. He uploaded two videos on both got 50, 10 views.

At that time there was a lot of craze for making vines videos in India, so one day Nazim gave the idea to both his friends Wasim and Zayn to make vines videos. Both of them liked this idea very much, and both of them also agreed to make the video. Together, all three had made their video Facebook post on the boys who wrote Pagli captions. Which he uploaded on his YouTube channel Round2Hell on November 6, 2016. Within two days, 120 views had come on this video. After some time he also uploaded the 2nd part of the video on which 200 views came in just 2 days. Slowly his channel became India’s fastest growing YouTube channel. As of October 2021, 23 million subscribers have been completed on the Round2Hell channel.

7. Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal was born on February 3, 1996, in Pitampura, Delhi. Apart from Harsh, his parents and a sister are also in the family. His sister is also a fashion blogger. Since childhood, Harsh used to make people laugh with his superb acting and comedy.

Harsh used to try to do some entertainment while studying in college. They came to know about the Dubb Max application at the same time, in fact at the time of 2015, this famous application had many features like Dubbing and lapsing, at that time this application was also very popular among people.

After seeing all this, Harsh also started uploading videos on this application on May 3, 2015. Some of which were also Dubbing and self-made videos. Later on, Harsh started uploading his videos on Instagram as well. Harsh also made his Facebook page YouTube channel to increase his rich, then he started uploading his videos there too. Harsh told his parents that he does not feel like studying, he wants to make his career as a video creator and comedian. After making a full-time video, today Harsh Beniwal has completed 13.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in October 2021. Completed in October 2021.

8. The Viral Fever

One of India’s top channels first channels T.V. The show is based on The Viral Fever Media Lab Entertainment. T.V. And these creators, who brought cinema out of their homes and into the hands of the people, are following their fashion in the true sense.

The name of the creator of this channel is Arunabh Kumar, he was born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Whenever he was looking for something for online entertainment or tried to select content by looking at the rating of IMOB, he would only see web series and serials outside India but any content made in India within the top 200 or top 300 Doesn’t even look

After coming to Mumbai, Arunabh left his job in the US Air Force and then shot many short films & branded content on the same. At that time the shooting of Sharukh Khan’s film Om Shanti Om was going on. Arunabh got the job of the assistant director under Farah Khan in this film, after learning a lot from Farah Khan and his crew members, in the year 2009, Kumar along with his two other friends Amit Gulani and Vispati sarkar together with the name of Engineers Diary. TV Wanted to make a show, so all the youth channels took the proposal to MTV, V channel, B4U, etc. Everyone told the idea well but no one agreed to do the show.

The Viral Fever was registered by Arunabh on YouTube in 2010, whose first video was uploaded in the name of the college Q-Tiyapa which was shot in the college. After this, the second video was uploaded a few days later in the name of Rowdies 9 which reached Millions of Views in no time. This is how IVF started, a few months after making Viral Video, India’s first web series permanent romance was launched in 2015, which got more than 50M views. Similarly, by posting videos and web series, as of October 2021, The Viral Fever YouTube channel has 10.3 million subscribers and a total of 365 video uploads.

9. The Mridul

Mridul was born on 7th March 2000 in Greater Noida, Delhi. Mridul is a Youtuber, Comedian, and Photographer by profession and Mridul is a Hindu from Nationality Indian Religion.

Mridul loved acting and comedy since childhood, to convert this fashion into a profession, Mridul created a channel on YouTube and uploaded his first video on that channel on October 31, 2018, named Sister vs Girlfriend. In just three years, Mridul came on the list of Best Youtubers of India. If seen in 2021, The Mridul YouTube channel has 9.47 million subscribers, that’s why YouTube has got a silver play button and a golden play button. Although there are many members on The Mridul YouTube channel members, Nitin, Mridul and Pragati are the main ones. As of October 2021, Mridul has also uploaded 80 videos on his YouTube channel.

10. Elvish Yadav 

Elvish was born on September 14, 1997, in Gurugram (Haryana). Elvish’s father’s name is Ramvatar Yadav, who is a professor. Elvish has always been supported by his family.

In 2016, Elvish started making Instagram Vines in his 1st year of college. At that time Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal were quite famous YouTubers, so inspired by them, Elvish started making videos. Elvish’s first video was Ashish Chanchlani’s copy video. After Instagram, he started posting videos on his Facebook page as well.

After some time, after posting the video on Instagram and Facebook, friends told that you upload the video on YouTube as well, along with this the fan following will also increase, and earnings will also be a lot. When Elvish started uploading videos on YouTube, the trend of frank videos was going on, so elvish started on youtube with frank videos. After making frank videos, he also made vines but his videos were getting a lot of views.

Once when he was sitting with his friend, he decided to make one final video. He used Haryanvi language in this video, the title of this video was Good vs Best Friend, and this video of him went viral, and more than 1 million views came in a few days. Later, people started liking his Haryanvi language videos. In this way, Elvish also came to the list of top YouTubers. Today, in 2021, Elvish Yadav‘s YouTube channel has 8.15 million subscribers.

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