35 Facts About Human Body

35 Facts About Human Body
In today’s article, we will see Some Facts About Human Body

Generally, the form (human body) is a single structure however it’s created from billions and billions of smaller structure that is a principal product of four sorts i.e cells, tissues, organs, and systems. An organ is a combination of the many different kinds of tissues that square measure organized along in such some way that every one organ will perform a special task or operate properly. The form is extremely sophisticated. 

Facts About Human Body

Fact no. 01

Do you know that your ears and nose keep growing throughout life, while our eyes remain the same size from life to death?

Fact no. 02

Do you know that most babies are born with blue eyes, where ultraviolet rays are needed to completely freeze the melanin present in the eyes? By which children get the true color of their eyes.

Fact no. 03

The eye of any human can find the difference between about 10 million different colors.

Fact no. 04

Do you know that you cannot scream with open eyes? If you didn’t know this, then definitely try next time.

Fact no. 05

The cornea is the only part of the human body where blood is not cared for. Rather, it takes oxygen directly from the air.

Fact no. 06

At the time of birth, there are more than 300 bones in our body, as we grow some bones join together to become one. As a result, there are 206 bones in an adult person, whereas more bones are present in his hands and feet than in the human body.

Fact no. 07

It is known to everyone that 75% of the human body is water. But do you know that 80% of your brain is water?

Fact no. 08

If you have heard that the descendants of humans were monkeys, then you have not heard anything wrong. Because 96% of human DNA comes from monkeys.

Fact no. 09

It is believed that the higher your IQ, the more your chances of dreaming increase.

Fact no. 10

Your brain alone uses about 20% of the oxygen and calories present in your body.

Fact no. 11

If a man was able to hear the frequency of less than 20 Hz, then he could also hear the sound of his muscles.

Fact no. 12

It is believed that right-handed people live an average of 9 years more than left-handed people.

Fact no. 13

Do you know that there are more than 100 billion nerve cells in our brain?

Fact no. 14

After birth, children are able to see things only in white and black like they used to be on black and white TV. Over time, as their eyes develop, they start seeing other colors as well.

Fact no. 15

It was found in a survey that as time is passing, the human being is becoming less sensitive. Today’s humans are 40% less sensitive than people in the 1980s.

Fact no. 16

An ordinary person can live for 20 days without eating anything, he can live only 2 days without drinking.

Fact no.17

The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

Fact no. 18

Do you know that the acid present in the human stomach is so strong that even zinc can be easily melted? This acid helps in digesting the food in our stomach. It does not harm our stomach because the walls in our stomach keep renewing themselves from time to time.

Fact no. 19

The nail on our middle finger grows faster than any other finger, while the nail on our toe grows the slowest.

Fact no. 20

Do you know that the age of the hair present on the human body is 3 to 7 years, whereas the hair present on the face of the person grows much faster than any other part of the body?

Fact no. 21

The teeth of any person start coming out 6 months before his birth.

Fact no. 22

Humans started recording history only about 6 thousand years ago. This means we know nothing about 97% of human history.

Fact no. 23

A man produces so much saliva in his entire life that 2 swing pools can be filled completely with it.

Fact no. 24

Do you know that after eating a lot of food, the power of hearing decreases?

Fact no. 25

This is definitely a bit strange but it is true that the brain is more active at the night than during the day.

Fact no. 26

It is believed that about 70 thousand thoughts come to the human mind in a day.

Fact no. 27

Do you know why astronauts are not able to cry in space, then let us tell you that the biggest reason behind this is the force of gravity? Because of this the passengers are not able to care for tears.

Fact no. 28

An ordinary man has about 6.8 liters of blood, while a woman has about 5 liters of blood.

Fact no. 29

Do you guys know that the temperature of your room decides what kind of dreams you will have? If the temperature in your room is cold, you are more likely to have nightmares.

Fact no. 30

Perhaps many people do not know that man is the only creature that cries. But did you know that crying is really beneficial? It reduces your stress and uniquely helps in reducing human anger and sadness too.

Fact no. 31

The human brain alone uses close to twenty % of the element of our body.

Fact no. 32

The human brain isn’t ready to feel any pain or any attack.

Fact no. 33

Adult human lungs have an area is almost equal to seventy sq. meters.

Fact no. 34

Our left and right lungs don’t seem to be constant.

Fact no. 35

The average breath taken by a person is around 12000 a day.

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