Mobile Apps For Hotel Industry

Mobile Apps For Hotel Industry

In today’s article, we will see Mobile Apps For Hotel Industry

A mobile application is a software that is designed to accomplish a specific task. It has a fixed function and is not a complete software application. Application software that requires user interaction, you give any command and the output appears. For example, Adobe Photoshop is an application software that is run by the user.

Types of Hotel

There are different types of hotels that are a combination of two separate words. In this blog let us understand the difference between these.

There are different types of hotels which are combinations of two different words. In this blog let us understand the difference between them.

  1. Motel – A motel is a hotel built with a motor vehicle parking area. The word ‘motel’ is derived from the phrase ‘motor hotel’. Initially, the motel consisted of a single floor with guest rooms located adjacent to the parking area. These days motels are usually located on or near a highway or long way to facilitate overnight stays.
  2. Rotel – A Rotel is made up of two words – rotate + hotel. RO is taken from Rotate and TEL is taken from Hotel. The word ‘revolve’ means to move around an axis or a center. In simple words, here we are talking about wheels. So, Rotel means a hotel on wheels. A hotel that can move on wheels like a bus or a train. It provides basic accommodation facilities and likes to travel to remote places. The best example of Rotel in India is ‘Palace on Wheels’. Which is a luxury train with food and accommodation facilities. Another good example is the Rotel tour buses. Here, guests can ride in the fore during the day and move to the triple deck of aft berths to sleep.
  3. Floatel – floatel is the same as rotel; Which is also a combination of two words i.e. (float + hotel). Float means to move or rest on or near the surface of the water without submerging, such as a boat, ship, cruise, or yacht. So, a flat is a hotel on a boat/ship/yacht. In contrast, a float can be a permanent structure above water located on a lake or mega river. For example, Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur. Please note that some boutique or luxury hotels on rivers, lakes, harbors, and oceans also use the term. Another word related to floatel is bottle.
  4. Boatel/Botel – As the name suggests, this is a boat that has been converted into a hotel. It is a type of floating hotel. Bottles can be constructed or converted from any other watercraft. It may be permanently tied or grounded or allowed to float in a confined space. For example, the Shikara houseboat on Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Mobile Apps for Hotel Industry

Mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape to the point that last year over 60% of internet use was in the hotel industry. We can divide mobile apps into two groups guest-facing apps and staff-facing apps. Doors can make a difference in the app.

Guest-facing apps – Guest-facing apps will give hotels a better way to communicate directly with their customers, as soon as the guest walks into the hotel and receives some hotel and hotel Wi-Fi network and guest can start communicating there are apps to order items from room service, to provide information on local points of interest to conduct guest surveys or to check your bill and even such apps that allow you to check out but there are also useful apps before and after your stay that allows you to make hotel reservations and upload reviews for Peter.

Staff Facing App – Your state staff-facing app allows hotel management to stay on top of operational activities with real-time management information or to communicate more efficiently with hotel staff, and housekeeping A good example of a staff-facing campus for the executive is the housekeeper can assign rooms that housekeepers need to clean. Housekeepers will be able to view assigned rooms directly on their mobile devices. Housekeepers can then set a specific status on the mobile. tools like Maiden Rooms enable different departments to communicate with each other more efficiently, resulting in better service to guests in our testing, That’s why it works for you.

5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Have Mobile Apps

If you are a hotel owner and always thought about building your mobile app then this blog is for you. With your mobile app, your customers can book their stay with you and can be benefited from these amazing features, let’s take a quick look at some just think with yours.

  1. Booking Feature– app customers can book a room directly with you within seconds you simply accept the incoming reservation and the app will not only email them confirmation of their stay it will even send them a friendly text reminder (Hii.. Your room has been booked).
  2. Loyalty & Coupon Card– want to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business well what better way to reward them than with your very own in ploy ‘el tea or discount coupon card trust me your guests will love you for this.
  3. Push Notification– Maybe you have a special offer or a discounted weekend room rate well what better way to let potential guests know about it than with an instant push notification message that will be sent directly to their phone making it easier than ever to get guests through your door and fill last-minute rooms in your hotel.
  4. Video & Image Gallery– Your very own app you can easily showcase pictures of your stunning rooms and prices or even add a video gallery to give your guests an in-depth look around the facilities and amenities add your location using maps making your hotel simple to find and show off and highlight the local attractions restaurants activities or things to do.
  5. Social Media– Hava social media no problem we can add all your social media accounts which will automatically update as you add content truth is this is just scratching the surface of what an incredible app can do for your hotel making sure your guests have the most comfortable stay and experience possible.

Reasons to use the App at Your Hotel

  1. Customer Service – In a world where rooms are just commodities, this is becoming more and more important. Differentiate yourself from guests by its service and technology, all of which is possible by allowing your guests easy access. Guests get it when they want it. Access to all of your products and services generates more revenue for you and provides a better customer experience for your guests.
  2. Guest Experience – What makes a great customer experience is that all-important mix of customer interaction and guest anticipation of their every need or empowering your guests to serve themselves. When they want to make things faster and easier, leaving your employees free to take on the all-important human. They communicate by providing all the tools, whether it’s finding a great place to eat or getting directions to an attractive guest, or a cohesive single interface with room-key room controls and TV remotes. are using If your guests ever need additional assistance, they can chat with the concierge in any language using our automated?
  1. Integrate all of your products and services so you can book everything from one place – The two biggest barriers to getting extra revenue from your guests are not knowing what’s available and selling all of your products and services to them. Making it difficult to book a pass. Allowing them to book with just a few clicks on their fingers leads to a substantial increase in secondary revenue.
  2. Feel Extraordinary – Your guests don’t like using a hotel room, feeling the light, sound, temperature and smell. We create fully immersive experiences. Whether your guest wants to relax to discover mindfulness or recreate a childhood memory, give them something to remember about their next stay.
  3. Be more eco-friendly – People are becoming more climate-conscious and often make their choice of stay based on your company’s environmental situation or make it easier for guests to make carbon savings and better choices. For example, the number one reason guests would leave the air conditioning on is so that they have a cold room to allow your guests to turn off or turn off all their appliances with just one click, even if they are not in the room.

It is more likely that they will also provide in-app training and gamification to encourage guests on how they can save electricity, water, and resources. Especially when they can see their impact when all staff apps ensure that all guests’ choices are respected by informing staff what needs to be done in each room.


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