5 Tips on How To Look CLASSY On A Budget

5 Tips on How To Look CLASSY On A Budget

In today’s article, we will know How To Look CLASSY On A Budget

AIn today’s blog we’re gonna be talking about how to look expensive or should I say how to look classy on a budget. It’s more accurate how to look classy on a budget because expensive right the word expensive is very subjective looking expensive is an attitude that is not a question of a wallet.

1. Natural Makeup

Dress Up Plain

What to say about makeup I think the more natural the look the better though I think if you like your eyes or your lips or want to emphasize a feature of your face. So you should do this you need to know full eyelashes makeup. You know what I think it looks unnatural and it doesn’t look bold if your face is like you’re about to go to a wedding because that makeup is going to last you all day.

You should do this If you want to look classy then I think you should keep it simple. Emphasize the features of your face that you like the most. For example, if you like your eyes, if you want to make your eyes look more beautiful then you can use makeup. If you love lips, it doesn’t matter what the color of the lipstick is. If you have red lips then it’s like wearing a super-expensive red-colored lehenga.

If the red color gives you confidence, then you should wear a red-colored lehenga. But if you have to wear orange colored lehenga and it gives you confidence. So you try that once too. There is, of course, a more natural cosmic right that if you wear black lipstick or you know green lipstick then you can wear either. According to your face, what you like the most, you should use the makeup that suits you on the face.

2. Not too Tight Too Loose Clothes

Wear Well-Pressed Clothes

Close legs too tight or close legs too baggy, it’s a no-go, they will never look cute or expensive or classy. The tops here and the bottoms here let’s talk about tight clothes and I’m talking about super. Tighten tight that your assets are just coming out, that type of tight because you can wear skinny jeans.

They are tight and you know a super cute body a suit They are tight but they look cute because they are giving you a shape They are giving you a silhouette. I’m talking about you know your wealth is coming out just like you everywhere. Your muffin top is showing you what I mean ok this type of tight is a no-no, it doesn’t look flimsy this lady doesn’t look classy.

Now let’s talk about baggy or baggy clothes the world never looks expensive, the world never looks classy for example not looking good ok I think I made my say you can wear big-size clothes | I’m not talking about the king of oversize sizes that will balance your outfit. It’s all about balancing the outfit. When you know your body type and you’re wearing tights or your silhouette. Loosen right on certain parts of your body to balance out. Showing off your body’s wealth will never look cute or expensive or classy like this.

 3. Take Care of Your Hair


About hair spanking I mean you need to have clean hair. But messy hair isn’t shiny, at least brush past those sections of hair and if you think you have bad hair then just a ponytail or a bun is perfect that’s easy. Don’t show off your greasy hair to do this because it’s not classy which looks like you don’t care.

You are just not putting any effort into yourself and that is great so yes listen please take care of your hair wash your hairbrush your hair make yourself presentable to start the day.

4. Money can’t Buy You, Class?

Money 1

First of all, let me tell you that to look expensive and you don’t need to have money. Which you can be broke and you can still have a plus, for example, there are a lot of celebrities who are multi-millionaires and influencers. Stuffed in cash like Super, although she doesn’t have class.

If you agree with me and if you have examples please ask me to know that I have several examples of classy women, for example, kate Middleton is a very classy lady and you can see it immediately And as you can see she is not showing the logo. Of course, she has a certain level, she doesn’t need to show that she has money although she is always beautiful and she always looks polished.

5. Take Care of Your Shoes

Accessorize Lightly

Here’s another tip to make sure you look classy and expensive on a budget. It’s how much you take care of your shoes. People make sure they look clean. Dirty shoes aren’t classy. This is funny because I have seen sneakers in the market with stains on purpose and dirty clothes are not classy and they will never look expensive. They’ll look cheap and they’ll look like you don’t care if you don’t care.

6. Personal Hygiene

I think it’s basic guys, the right personal jeans we need to take a shower and we need to take care of our hair. Clean hair, clean ears, clean skin, clean nails you know it’s basic. Always keep the whole body clean.

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