Black fungus on the Skin

Black fungus on the skin
In today’s article, we will know Black fungus on the Skin

Along with Corona in the state, there is now a danger of knocking black fungus from house to house. The state government has also issued a notification today declaring Black Fungus as an epidemic like Corona, which will be kept accountable. This news is not to frighten you but is a hallmark of the advice coming from the doctors. According to physicians, the use of steroids in Corona patients, as well as the use of normal water in oxygen therapy, is also causing the spread of “black fungus” infection.

The most worrying thing is that in the current situation, the use of oxygen concentrators in every house along with hospitals has started unabated, but most people are oblivious to the precautions taken during this time. In such a situation, we are telling you that every piece of information related to black fungus, which is known by doctors, can prove to be effective in the campaign to save a life.

The knock of black fungus blew the whole system

With the corona in the state, now the knock of black fungus of Mucoramycosis i.e. the whole system has given sleep. In the last fortnight, more than 100 cases of black fungus have been reported in the government data, while according to the field report, this figure has reached between 300 and 400. More than three dozen patients with black fungus have been admitted to the OPD started in SSMs Hospital alone in the last 24 hours. The magnitude of the disease is being gauged by the fact that patients are losing their eyes with little delay, but many are losing their lives. Along with the use of steroids, doctors have also considered the use of normal water in oxygen therapy as a major reason for this disease, let us tell you how the normal water is distributing black fungus in the humidifier while giving oxygen to the patient.

What is black fungus?

Fungus accumulates near the veins of the eye, which stops the blood flow of the central retinal artery. This makes the visual perception keep going forever in many patients. Apart from this, in many patients, the fungus spreads downwards, then worsens the jaw, etc.
Why does black fungus occur?
Steroids given in Corona reduce immunity even further. In many patients, diabetes crosses the high level, which is suffering as a side effect of mucormycosis, with the use of normal water in the humidifier while giving oxygen to the patient, there is a risk of spreading the infection.

Symptoms of black fungus: –

The nose is dry. The lining of the nose starts drying up and becomes numb. The skin of the face and sole becomes numb. Swelling comes on the face. The teeth are loose.
To prevent this fungus and infection, the only injection is liposomal amphotericin-B, which has little availability in the market. The family of the affected patients is forced to wander from here to there for injection. While people are opposing it by putting oxygen concentrators from house to house for the treatment of corona patients, it is not being taken care of how to maintain their humidifier. In such a situation, the risk of infection can spread to a large extent if oxygen concentrator normal water is used for more days. Given the danger of black fungus, the Telangana government has issued an alert for all hospitals and the general public. In this alert, not only instructions have been given to give steroids as per protocol in the corona patients, but also issued SOP for oxygen therapy being given to the patients. Physicians themselves also believe that the use of normal water in a humidifier during oxygen therapy can increase infection.

Telangana government’s guideline on oxygen therapy at a glance:

◆ Humidifier Bottle has to be filled up to 10 mm below the maximum point.
◆ Humidifier Bottle should not have a water level below a minimum point
◆Check the water level twice a day, fill it if needed
◆ Humidifier Bottle water must be changed once a day

Clean the humidifier bottle once a week with an antiseptic solution when used in the same patient.
However, departmental officials including Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma are suddenly worried about the black-fungal disease that has come to the fore in the state. The government has also started buying and selling injections used in the disease, as well as OPD is being operated in the largest SMS hospital in the state, but still, the awareness of the people is very important for the prevention of this disease, Because if every aspect of the disease is not understood, caution is not taken, for many families, it will emerge as a great war from Corona.


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