10 best skateboard brands

10 best skateboard brands
In this article, we learn about the 10 best skateboard brands

Skateboarding is a way of life, not simply a sport. Your skating experience may be greatly impacted by selecting the appropriate skateboard brand. We’ll examine the history, product quality, and community impact of the top 10 skateboard companies in 2023 in this in-depth guide. Prepare yourself to roll with the best of the best!

1 – Santa Cruz Skateboards

In the skating world, Santa Cruz Skateboards is a reputable and well-known brand. The Santa Cruz, California-based firm was founded in 1973 and has had a major influence on the development of skateboarding culture and business throughout the years.

The eye-catching and enduring graphics of Santa Cruz skateboards are one of their distinguishing qualities. The artwork on the company’s deck designs is often vivid and eye-catching, with recognizable logos and pictures that have come to represent the Santa Cruz brand. Skateboarders who like Santa Cruz decks use these designs as a means of self-expression in addition to adding to the boards’ visual attractiveness.

Santa Cruz has remained a major player in street and transition skating, offering a wide variety of decks that fit different skateboarding styles. Their reputation among both professional and recreational skateboarders has been cemented by their dedication to quality and innovation.

Santa Cruz sells a wide range of safety gear, clothing, and skateboard accessories in addition to skateboards. This foray into all facets of skateboarding culture is indicative of the brand’s all-encompassing perspective on the activity.

Throughout its existence, Santa Cruz Skateboards has also been home to a number of gifted and well-known skateboarders. Legendary skating names have been a part of the brand’s crew, which has increased its legitimacy and impact within the skate world.

While remaining loyal to its origins, Santa Cruz Skateboards has evolved with the skating scene throughout the years. In order to satisfy the needs of contemporary skateboarders, the company has continuously updated its product lineup, adding new materials and technology.

In conclusion, Santa Cruz Skateboards is distinguished not only by its length and heritage but also by its dedication to quality, originality, and a sincere affinity for the skating way of life. Because of this, skateboarders worldwide, of all skill levels, continue to love the brand.

2 – Element Skateboards

Renowned for its wide selection of skateboard goods and dedication to sustainability, Element Skateboards is a well-known brand. Since its founding in 1992, Element has been a leading company in integrating ecologically friendly methods into its operations, which has made it a well-liked option for skateboarders who care about the environment.

Element’s focus on sustainability is one of its main characteristics that makes it unique. The company has made a concerted effort to support environmentally responsible projects, such as using sustainable materials to make its skateboards. Element’s dedication to environmental conservation is shown by their ‘Sourcery’ initiative, which emphasizes the use of wood obtained sustainably for their decks, therefore minimizing the negative effect on forests.

To lessen its environmental impact, Element has also incorporated cutting-edge technology into the skateboard manufacturing process. This includes using water-based adhesives and inks and making an attempt to reduce waste during manufacturing. In addition to demonstrating a commitment to the environment, these programs appeal to skateboarders who place a high value on morality and sustainability.

In addition to their environmental initiatives, Element Skateboards is well-known for the variety of skateboard goods they provide. To accommodate skateboarders of various skill levels and tastes, the company provides a wide range of skateboard decks, wheels, trucks, and clothing. The brand’s product range has artist partnerships that improve the skateboards’ aesthetic appeal even further.

The mix of established pros and rising stars on Element’s roster of sponsored skateboarders adds to the brand’s legitimacy and clout in the skateboarding world. The team’s regular participation in Element’s skating events, initiatives, and video productions demonstrates the brand’s dedication to cultivating and advancing the skateboarding culture.

Element’s commitment to the advancement of skating as a whole is shown by its widespread presence across the world and participation in community-driven projects like the ‘Element Make It Count’ series, which provides assistance to amateur skateboarders.

3 – Plan B Skateboards

Of course! In the skating community, Plan B Skateboards is a highly esteemed company that is renowned for its premium decks and strong professional staff. Plan B, a well-known force in the skating industry, was founded in 1991 by professional skateboarders Mike Ternasky and Brian Johnson.

The reputation of Plan B Skateboards for manufacturing premium skateboard decks is one of its most notable attributes. The company is renowned for using premium materials and manufacturing techniques to produce decks that are long-lasting and functional. Because of their dedication to quality, Plan B has been able to win over skateboarders of all abilities who are looking for dependable and responsive gear.

The success of the brand may be attributed in large part to the skilled staff of Plan B. Plan B has been home to a really outstanding lineup of skateboarders throughout the years, including well-known names in the industry. The pro squad for the brand has continuously pushed skateboarding’s limits, advancing tricks and styles within the industry.

Plan B Skateboards’ team riders, many of whom have become well-known figures in the skating world, have had a significant impact on influencing the culture of skateboarding. The team’s involvement in skateboarding events, contests, and films has improved the brand’s reputation and drawn admirers from all over the globe.

The company is also well-known for its eye-catching deck graphics. Bold and striking artwork is a common characteristic of Plan B’s deck designs, which enhances the brand’s identity and helps its goods stand out in the marketplace. For skateboarders who value both performance and aesthetics, this added layer of appeal comes from the attention to detail in the design.

Plan B has had a number of changes during the course of its existence, including changes in squad makeup and ownership. But the company has never wavered in its dedication to producing high-quality goods, even as the skateboarding industry has changed.

4 – Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a venerable and renowned brand with a long history in skating, known for its eye-catching visuals and lasting impact. Powell Peralta, which was founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, was instrumental in influencing the development of skateboarding in its early years.

The historical importance of Powell Peralta is one of its most notable attributes. The company was founded in the early years of contemporary skateboarding and has seen the growth of the sport throughout the years. Powell Peralta’s impact may be traced back to some of the first skating events and films, and it is often linked to the early days of skateboarding.

Powell Peralta is well-known for its outstanding deck designs. Renowned painters such as Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, often known as the famous VCJ, who worked with the company, produced graphics that became legendary in the skating community. Skateboard icons including Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, and Rodney Mullen are featured in the Bones Brigade series, which is especially renowned for its influence on skateboard culture and art.

The company’s technological innovations for skateboards have also been a major factor in its success. Powell Peralta invented the “Bones” wheel, the first urethane wheel that revolutionized skating by offering the best durability and grip. The industry as a whole adopted urethane wheels in large part because of this innovative invention.

In skating history, Powell Peralta’s group, dubbed the Bones Brigade, is famous. The Bones Brigade, which included Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, and other notable skateboarders of the day, not only won a lot of titles but also significantly contributed to the rise in popularity of skateboarding with films like “The Search for Animal Chin.”

The company has persevered through shifting skating trends and obstacles to preserve its reputation as a reputable and sought-after brand. Powell Peralta has been able to maintain its position in the skateboarding industry by developing high-performance decks, wheels, and other accessories that appeal to both experienced riders and younger ones because of its dedication to quality and innovation.

5 – Girl Skateboards

Girl Skateboards is a company that has gained recognition in the skating world for emphasizing originality and creativity in skateboard design. Pro skateboarders Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze founded Girl Skateboards in 1993. The company immediately became well-known for its distinctive approach to creative expression and skating.

Girl Skateboards is unique in that it is dedicated to using creativity in deck design. The company works with a wide variety of artists to create visually arresting visuals that transcend the boundaries of conventional skate art. These images often combine elements of streetwear style, modern art, and skate culture. As a consequence, skateboarders who value a mix of style and substance will find appeal in this collection of skateboards that not only perform well but also double as creative canvases.

As a sister company of Chocolate Skateboards and Royal Trucks, Crailtap has included Girl Skateboards in its family. Within the skating community, a common attitude of fostering uniqueness and innovation has been made possible by this collaborative approach.

Girl Skateboards has been at the forefront of pushing the limits of skate films, in addition to its emphasis on deck graphics. Especially noteworthy are the brand’s contributions to the skate video genre, which include hits like “Yeah Right!” and “Pretty Sweet,” which not only highlight the abilities of the Girl Skateboards crew but also use creative cinematography and narrative strategies.

The success of Girl Skateboards has been largely attributed to the crew behind the brand. The group, which includes well-known skateboarders like Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto, and Rick McCrank, represents Girl Skateboards’ innovative attitude and advances the brand’s standing in the industry.

In order to improve the performance of its decks, Girl Skateboards has been adding new materials and technology to its lineup of products over time. In order to ensure that its skateboards suit the needs of contemporary skateboarders, the company is dedicated to quality that goes beyond design aesthetics.

6 – Almost Skateboards

In the skating world, Almost Skateboards has made a name for itself by creating durable and creative deck designs. Professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song founded Almost Skateboards in 2003, and since then, the company has continuously pushed the limits of skateboard design and technology.

Almost Skateboards is distinguished by its dedication to innovative deck manufacturing. The company has led the way in introducing novel materials and technologies to improve the longevity and performance of its decks. Almost everyone is especially well-known for using impact support technology, such as double-impact deck design, to give skateboard decks more strength and durability.

With Impact Support technology, impact energy is absorbed and dispersed by strategically positioned carbon-fiber discs that are integrated into the deck’s design. This creative method aims to keep the deck feeling light and responsive while decreasing the risk of breaking. Skateboarders who want a dependable and long-lasting deck often choose Almost Skateboards because of its focus on longevity.

Apart from its technical innovations, Almost Skateboards is acknowledged for its aesthetically pleasing deck designs. The company works with a variety of artists to produce distinctive and striking designs that accentuate the brand’s reputation of originality and inventiveness. The appeal of Almost among skateboarders of all ability levels may be attributed to its unique visuals and inventive construction.

A skilled and varied group of skateboarders has also been linked to Almost Skateboards. The squad, which is led by the brand’s founders, Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song, consists of both seasoned pros and up-and-coming talent, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to fostering and promoting a variety of skating styles.

Skate films from the brand, such as “Almost: Round Three” and “Almost Famous,” have been essential in showcasing the team’s abilities and establishing the company’s reputation in the skating community.

Skateboards continues to be at the forefront of innovation in skateboarding trends and technology, making sure that its decks cater to the wants and requirements of contemporary skateboarders. The company is a dependable option for anyone looking for skateboards that combine performance, longevity, and distinctive style because of its reputation for producing inventive and long-lasting deck designs.

7 – Chocolate Skateboards

Since its founding in 1994, Girl Skateboards’ sibling business, Chocolate Skateboards, has gained a solid reputation among skateboarders. Professional skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll founded Chocolate, a brand that has come to represent quality, flair, and a unique skating culture.

Chocolate Skateboards’s connection to the Crailtap family, which also includes Girl Skateboards and Royal Trucks, is one of its distinguishing features. The companies’ common ideals and feeling of camaraderie are fostered by this joint approach. Chocolate and Girl Skateboards have partnered on projects, organized team outings, and worked together to encourage creativity and uniqueness in skateboarding.

Chocolate Skateboards is especially well-known for its varied and eye-catching deck designs. The company works with artists to produce images that often combine street art, skate culture, and modern design elements. Skateboarders who value both performance and creative expression have responded favorably to the brand’s focus on distinctive and artistic graphics.

The brand image of Chocolate Skateboards has been greatly influenced by the team riders that are affiliated with the company. Influential skateboarders like Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, and Kenny Anderson are on Chocolate’s crew, and together they have a history of showcasing a wide range of skills and styles. The team’s involvement in films, gatherings, and contests has increased the brand’s awareness and clout among skateboarding enthusiasts.

In addition, Chocolate Skateboards has put out a number of noteworthy skate movies, including the timeless “Chocolate Tour” and “Hot Chocolate,” which not only showcase the team’s abilities but also perfectly encapsulate the brand’s carefree and imaginative attitude to skating.

Chocolate offers a selection of premium skateboard decks, wheels, and clothing among its products. Because of the brand’s dedication to quality control, its decks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and functional, meeting the demands of skateboarders with varying skill levels and preferences.

Chocolate Skateboards has skillfully negotiated the ever-changing skating scene throughout the years, staying true to its basic principles while adjusting to new trends. The brand is still regarded as a significant and powerful force in the skateboarding business because of its solid reputation, collaborative nature, and dedication to artistic expression.

8 – Baker Skateboards

Within the skating world, Baker Skateboards has established a cult following because of its raw and edgy aesthetic, which is especially evident in its street-focused merchandise. Established in 2000 by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds, Baker has developed a distinct persona that appeals to skateboarders who value the unabashedly rebellious style of the sport.

Baker Skateboards are known for their unique look, which is often typified by striking graphics and a gritty, street-inspired design. Eye-catching artwork reflecting the urban lifestyle and attitude associated with street skating is a common characteristic of the brand’s deck designs. Those who connect with the rebellious and countercultural elements of skateboarding have found Baker appealing because of his raw and edgy visual language.

The Baker Boys, Baker’s staff, have been instrumental in creating the brand’s identity. The group is led by none other than Andrew Reynolds and includes notable skateboarders including Dustin Dollin, Figgy, and Theotis Beasley. Numerous Baker films have shown the team’s combined talent and flair, further enhancing the brand’s standing in the street skateboarding community.

The brand’s films, which have names like “Baker 3” and “Baker Has a Deathwish,” are praised for their unvarnished, unpretentious style that perfectly captures the spirit of street skating and the daring mindset of the Baker crew. These films enhance the brand’s reputation as a dominant force in the street skating industry in addition to showcasing the team’s technical skills.

Beyond only decks, Baker Skateboards also sells wheels, clothing, and accessories. The focus on performance and durability is in line with the demands of street skating, where riders often come across rough terrain and hazards.

In spite of its unvarnished and rebellious image, Baker Skateboards has become well-known and influential in the skating community. With a devoted following, the brand’s uncompromising attitude and dedication to street-oriented skating have made Baker a significant figure in the skateboarding community.

9 – Enjoi Skateboards

In the skating world, Enjoi Skateboards is well-known for both its unique and humorous designs and its dedication to putting together a varied roster of riders. Since its founding in 2000 by professional skateboarder Marc Johnson, Enjoi has developed a distinctive brand identity that combines comedy, innovation, and a carefree attitude toward skating.

Enjoi’s insistence on incorporating comedy into its deck visuals is one of its most notable elements. The brand’s visuals often use wacky and irreverent drawings that convey a fun and carefree attitude toward skating. Enjoi stands out because to its unique aesthetic, which appeals to skateboarders who value humor and originality in their designs.

Enjoi’s visuals, which include figures like the “Panda,” a well-known emblem connected to the company, have become legendary in the skating community. The use of humor enhances the visual appeal of Enjoi skateboards and adds to the brand’s overall personality and ethos. It also provides an amusing factor.

The Enjoi Skateboards team riders are a varied blend of abilities, philosophies, and dispositions. Notable skateboarders, including Louie Barletta, Cairo Foster, and Ben Raemers (may he rest in peace), have all been associated with the brand; each brought an own flare to the group. The team’s variety is a reflection of Enjoi’s dedication to inclusiveness and the skating community’s embrace of uniqueness.

“Bag of Suck” and “Oververt,” two of Enjoi’s skate films, highlight the team’s technical prowess as well as their joy and friendship. These films have gained popularity because of their fun and humorous method of capturing the skateboarding lifestyle.

Apart from its lively visuals and varied workforce, Enjoi provides a variety of skateboard goods, including decks, wheels, and clothing. Because of the company’s dedication to excellence, its goods are not only high-performing but also perfectly capture the distinct humor and style that characterize the Enjoi brand.

By embracing comedy and innovation, Enjoi Skateboards has effectively carved out a position for itself, becoming a favorite among skateboarders who value a carefree and enjoyable approach to the sport. The brand’s lasting reputation in the skating world may be attributed to its ability to combine high-quality goods with a distinct sense of humor.

10 – Zero Skateboards

Renowned for its uncompromising dedication to manufacturing premium skateboard decks, Zero Skateboards has made a significant impact in the skating community. When professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas founded Zero in 1996, the brand immediately became associated with an aggressive and raw style that appealed to skateboarders looking for a more intense and extreme experience.

The tough image of Zero Skateboards is one of its distinguishing features; it is evident in both its graphics and team riders. The brand’s deck designs often include striking and edgy artwork, which adds to the overall style that reflects a gritty, no-nonsense philosophy. Skateboarders who relate to the rebellious and violent aspects of the sport have been drawn to this picture.

The “Zero Army,” Zero’s squad riders, have been instrumental in creating the brand’s identity. The team, which is led by Jamie Thomas, has included notable skateboarders including Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, and Chris Cole. A bold and strong style that embodies the team’s skating philosophy is shown in many Zero films, including the iconic “Misled Youth” and “Dying to Live.”

Zero Skateboards has remained steadfast in its dedication to manufacturing skateboard decks of the highest quality. The company is renowned for using strong materials and building methods that can handle the rough and tumble of competitive skating. Assuring that its decks not only look the part but also give the performance required by riders who partake in more demanding and severe skating disciplines, this dedication to quality is in accordance with the brand’s tough image.

Zero Skateboards caters to skateboarders that value the brand’s extreme style by providing a variety of goods, such as wheels, clothing, and accessories, in addition to its emphasis on decks.

The brand’s success in the skating business may be attributed to its rough image and reputation for durability. Skateboarders who are drawn to Zero Skateboards’ unwavering style—both in terms of visuals and the passion with which the company tackles the sport—remain its devoted fan base.